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Sales Department

The Sales Team at Toyokuni Printing

For the many years since the foundation of Toyokuni Printing in 1946, we have been assisting with the publication and printing of paper media, such as comics, books and magazines. In partnership with publishers, we have been in charge of various stages of the procedure from plate making and printing to bookbinding. Furthermore, as part of our routine data collection, we gather not only information on printing technologies and the printing industry, but also any other information useful for book production. This enables us to offer publishers and editors a variety of solutions. Our daily business is conducted giving utmost importance to meeting our customers’ demands.

Here at Toyokuni, the base of our work is receiving contents from publishers and, through publication printing, making them reach readers in a range of forms. As you certainly are aware, these publications were published in paper form over a long time. However, due to rapid developments in hardware and network technology, people’s everyday lives have become more varied. In this wave of diversification, the publishing world is also experiencing great changes. As digitalization advances, there has been an increase in the use of computers, mobile devices and smartphones as ways to enjoy reading.

In order to keep up with these advancements, we do not only produce paper books here at Toyokuni Printing, but also have introduced equipment for the production of electronic books. By strengthening our IT systems such as databases, we have managed to offer new kinds of infrastructure, marketing tools and sales support features aimed at one-source multi-use technology. We have made considerable efforts to promote our customers’ contents with various means such as video production. Therefore, publishers who work with us will not have to worry in the future either. We have created an environment with a workflow that enables us to make great efforts for the production of publications and contents. Toyokuni Printing’s Sales Department is a team which supports publishing in this new environment and boldly faces the challenges of our age of diversification.

Comic Sales Division

The main responsibilities of the Comic Sales Division are comic books and children’s magazines. As you will know, the comic category is one of the treasures of Japan’s publishing culture and therefore constitutes a substantial market. Furthermore, children’s magazines are an important domain, in which knowledge and dreams are bestowed on little ones. At Toyokuni, we always have and always will give our best in this realm.

As you may see on our website, we have created original characters in an effort to give our corporation an affectionate touch. It is crucial that we deliver products that satisfy our abundant and ever-diversifying readership. Our end consumers are readers with a strong background in comic books and a wide range of tastes, who also tend to be passionate about specific titles.

This being one of the factors to consider, quality is paramount for us. Whether it is the production of magazines or comic books, whatever form we produce in, we strive to transform editors’ and authors’ ideas into publications that make an outstanding product, showing that we have what it takes to be a professional sales team in the publication printing sector. Needless to say, all of our members are manga fans.

Book Sales Division

The Book Sales Division is in charge of business activity related to publications, mainly books and magazines. Our principal customers are Kodansha and Kodansha Group subsidiaries. However, we have been working hard to expand our business beyond this group in recent years.

Our company mainly handles books and magazines. Apart from that, however, we make a vast array of products ranging from paperback collections to comic books. We also create contents such as textbooks and picture books. Furthermore, our system for administering book and magazine data plays an essential role within the Kodansha Group.

It is a printing company’s job to materialize the good ideas put forward by editors. The opportunity to experience the actual production of books together with editors is the true charm of working for such a company. Also, we actively pursue the challenge of flexibly developing our business without being constrained by the past.

For book lovers, it is a pleasure to have a job where daily work consists of making publications take shape and getting them out into the world. It is a worthwhile pursuit for those who would like to get involved in making books.

The main job of the sales team is to serve as the mediator between customers and Toyokuni Printing from the proposal stage through to production, proofing, printing and distribution. We ensure worry-free transactions by treating communication with utmost importance and responding to customers’ requests, striving daily to become the best possible partners for cooperation. Having fostered our printing business for many years, we accept demands made by our times and keep refining our wealth of creative power. We look forward to more challenges that make us think out of the box.

To anyone who is passionate about supporting Japanese craftsmanship, why not try making books with us?

Who We Are Looking for

Our company’s strength is that, thanks to our long-term partnership with publishers, we have developed solid trust-based human relationships. We seek talented people who can carefully build these relationships of trust through daily cooperation between customers and our business. Furthermore, in these fast-paced times that require versatility, we are looking for people who are not caught up in old ways and have an entrepreneurial spirit. We also give significance to the skill of building sound business networks.

The Sales Department would like to be a group that gathers this kind of people. We think that when there is passion, honesty, the capacity to see into the future and the ability to make proposals, it should not be a problem to build long-lasting business networks. Nevertheless, an awareness of cost efficiency is important, too. Ignoring it would impede business growth.

We handle publishers’ contents coming from a wide range of genres. In order to actively participate in the production of books and contents, we believe it is good to create a unique team which gathers people with various interests, ways of thinking and approaches. We think it is good if the people who make the move of starting to work in the publishing industry are also fans of comics, books and magazines. If that is the case, it is a very fortunate thing for them as well as the company. Working with a passion for making things and a love for the product might be the shortest way to the perfect business.