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The Future of Publication

Hideki Okada

Senior Executive Director,
Manufacturing Department Manager

Toyokuni started with printing comic books and magazines in monochrome (black). At first, we used a method called letterpress printing by assembling moveable types made of lead ( a process called ‘text selection’), which were then set in a frame in their given positions (‘typesetting’). We then made a printing plate for pressing. Later on, a specialized offset printing workshop was founded as a new company in today’s Fujimino city (Iruma district, Oi town at the time). It was a factory established in anticipation of the foundation of Kodansha Bunko (1971). In other words, our factory was constructed in order to print for this new company. Years later, merging Toyokuni Offset with Toyokuni Printing gave birth to the Printing Department we have today.

Thus, the Printing division grew around its strong relationship with Kodansha Bunko. However, time brought great changes to printing procedures, printing machinery and the environment that publishing businesses operate in. Furthermore, to adjust to developments on the market, we introduced a fully digital production system in 2012. This was the first integrated system in Japan able to make a wide variety of products with a low print run. It can do so all the way to bookbinding.

Along with these efforts, we have been actively striving to further improve the skills fostered since the foundation of the company and are also known in the printing industry as a company that leads the way for printing and publishing of the next generation. Our division takes pride in following a tradition of printing top-notch products. We are glad that we can contribute to the world of printing and publishing.

From Production Administration to Printing

A printing company is a business in which all parties fulfil their duties and in which trust is important. It involves procedures all the way from printing paper preparation to shipping, even cooperating with entities that are only marginally involved in the printing process. It is also imperative that the production and administration teams cooperate to deliver a reliable printing service. Furthermore, in spite of our long history in printing, technology and know-how, we are aware that there is always room for development and improvement. We understand that this is what makes some companies stand out above other ones. Our focus is on constant advancement in order to make products we can be proud of, adhering to the basics of Toyokuni’s principles while adapting the newest technologies.