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General Affairs Department

General Affairs Division

The General Affairs division handles recruitment, skill development programs such as training and courses, the implementation and revision of rules, wage calculation, social insurance, employee benefits and maintenance of the premises and facilities within it. We also take measures to deal with issues such as compliance, mental health-related issues, abuse of power and sexual harassment. We have also recently had more instances of supporting female employees who were returning from parental leave as well as support and counselling regarding nursing leave.

Our division works in the background to help employees perform comfortably. We are in charge of regulations and human resources, which form the basis of the company. It is our mission to create a pleasant working environment and good interpersonal relations, enabling employees to work efficiently and show their strengths. In recent years, we have been planning and conducting practical training programs such as staff training sessions, qualification courses and in-house training. Furthermore, as a member of the Kodansha Group, we exchange ideas and cooperate with General Affairs divisions of other member companies.