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Manufacturing Department

Data Production Division

Hideki Okada

Senior Executive Director,
Manufacturing Department Manager

In the printing industry, terms like ‘platemaking’ and ‘prepress’ are widely used. However, at Toyokuni, we have made the bold decision of calling it ‘data production.’ What this means is that we use state-of-the-art digital technology to assist publishers, thereby, taking on the role of a business that supports the development of various types of media without restricting itself to paper. This is because we take pride in truly creating.

Our business is, of course, rooted in printing technologies such as book typesetting, comic platemaking and color platemaking. However, our company also reliably archives data using digital technology and registers it in a database.

The basis of Toyokuni’s Data Production Division’s work is the production and administration of data with the purpose of developing various types of contents. It does so by processing material data for distribution and processing text data for mobile data authoring and electronic publications. A contemporary business, which wants the world to know about the texts and images entrusted by its customers, cannot stop at mere production. Through technology verification and the support of all types of editing businesses, our DTP experts and digital technical staff offer support across all aspects of publishing.

To enable swift and error-free production, we also put a great deal of effort into honing our skills to master book and comic proofing, aiming to become an outstandingly trustworthy production division with consistently good results.

Cutting-Edge Digital Environment

For 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, Toyokuni’s production site is under extremely strict surveillance, leaving no need to worry about data security issues such as unauthorized access or data leakage. In order to manage the immense amount of data that we handle, our server system is structured as a redundant system. We also invest into the latest technologies starting with a high-speed network and staff dedicated to routine maintenance.

In addition to software development and customization, which is an indispensable part of digital production, we aim to increase efficiency and improve accuracy along with the automatization of the production process. This is possible due to our mastery of publishing technology. Specialized data administration staff routinely applies and manages archived data and data available on our servers, making for a reliable and quick data management system.

The speed at which digital contents flow is expected to keep growing. We are, therefore, connected to a system which enables the administration of new content data, making us well-equipped for digital content flow, which tends to be rather complex.

Book Production

Book production ranges from typesetting of new volumes, magazines and paperbacks to the handling of data for electronic publications. With every book or book series, we consistently produce top-quality data, while adhering to production and proofing rules. Also, thanks to advancements in text processing tools and technical support, as well our editing and revising assistance, we help to facilitate an even smoother production process.

Comic Production

Comic book production involves the process from the production of magazine and comic book data to the authoring of data for digital distribution. More specifically, our company uses means such as automatized comic production systems and image processing technology specially designed for comic books. These help us support the making of comic books using the newest data administration technology. Thus, we have built systems that enable us rapid development of a variety of data for distribution. In recent years, we have managed production in various languages in Japan and abroad, contributing to a spread into Western and Asian markets.

Color Production

Color production is the handling of magazine pages, book design and covers with a focus on images processing. Giving importance to the color rendition of the published materials, we meticulously follow the process all the way to complete data publication. In the field of image processing, we have mastered a wide range of technologies, both for paper and electronic distribution. This range includes color rendition, color adjustment and processing, processing characteristic colors and processing all types of images. This is how we contribute to the publishing field.

NDD(Next Door Design)

Our editorial design service helps to realize our customers’ ideas of how to get their published materials out into the world. We offer conscientious help with book design, book binding, and magazine page layout in order to meet your needs with various features such as readability or eye-catching, unique design.