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Business Development Promotion Division

Business Development at Toyokuni Printing

The Business Development Promotion division focuses on the various possibilities of digital contents. Our duties include the production, safekeeping and administration of digital data as well as support and system development concerning customization and application. Our department offers service that fits our customers’ needs.

Especially in the case of publishing-related data promotion, we appreciate the value digital data have as assets for our customers and ensure smooth multiple access during secondary and tertiary use and application. This is possible thanks to the system we have developed in order to safekeep, administer and deliver data. We have moved our storage from on-premises to Cloud, which means it is possible to administer data without data maintenance or management know-how. This has reduced running costs, including management expenses.

Furthermore, the use of video media has become more widespread in recent years. In response to this, we have launched a video production team in October 2014, enabling us to introduce our customers’ contents through this medium. It is now possible to use our long-cultivated know-how to produce promotional videos for books and comics, business PR and instructional videos. Our ranks were joined by directors, camera operators and editors to meet our customers’ needs and increase their business potential.

We operate a system that thoroughly accommodates our clients’ requirements for the production and administration of paper publications, data, systems and videos. Furthermore, we work hard to offer a wide choice of services and diversify our business in a pursuit to broaden the possibilities of publishing.