Our Workplace

Biblio Battle in Toyokuni

Biblio Battle in Toyokuni is the title of a book review contest between volunteering booklovers who work at Toyokuni.

The first season of this contest took place in 2015. With around six elimination rounds and one final round each year, we are entering the third season now.

Why We Started Holding Biblio Battles

Although our products are books, we do not get much of a chance to pay attention to books’ contents at work. The idea is that the Biblio Battle gives employees a good opportunity to see books from a different perspective than usual. We also thought it might be a good way for people to share the books’ fascinating side.

At first, we were worried about the number of people who would like to present and who would come to see the contest. As these events repeated, we started focusing on their game-like aspect. Thus, the final contest of each year, the Grand Championship, became a highly-anticipated event. Neither the number of participants nor the number of spectators decreased. The success of the contest exceeded expectations. When people from different departments who rarely have an opportunity to interact start communicating thanks to books, it is a joyful situation for the company. By now, it has become one of our company’s indispensable events.