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Creating a Tomorrow for Publishing Companies

Ever since Toyokuni’s foundation in 1946, we have been accumulating knowledge and changing our technology to suit the times. As a member of the Kodansha Group, we focus on making paper books, manga and magazines. Furthermore, we started producing electronic publications in 2007, striving to expand into all fields that encompass publication.
Consumers’ demands have been shifting greatly towards goods and services that allow efficient use of time. It can be said that over the last 10 years, distance perception has changed extremely across the world, which has become more equal and borderless.
‘The future is created by words.’ This is the principle we keep in mind when we work together with publishers to create outstandingly efficient and user-friendly products, no matter whether these are on paper or electronic, in Japanese or in other languages. For that purpose, we strive to acquire more and more skills and technology.
Why not work with us to create something that surpasses your idea of ‘amazing’? We support businesses that define the future.

Company Principles

  • Toyokuni Identity
    We encourage those who love books, manga and magazines.
    We make, create and build in order to turn publishers’ and authors’ ideas into reality.
  • Mission statement
    Complete devotion to supporting any business in the world with a vision. (make)
    By accumulating technological strength, improving our potential to define the future. (create)
    Bringing sheer joy to everyone who gets their hands on the product. (build)
  • The code of conduct for Toyokunians, our 10 rules.
    • Treat all the people you meet thoughtfully.
    • Whatever the circumstances, be honest when you deal with problems.
    • Always keep in mind the constant need for change.
    • Do not be constricted by your familiar ways. Stay in the habit of asking yourself why things are the way they are.
    • Be earnest in your cooperation to support achievements of all creative businesses, starting with publishers.
    • When you deal with a project that might change things, do not lose your cool, do not give in to weariness, and do not give up.
    • Do not be contented with just making an effort. Remember to enjoy completing what you are doing, too.
    • Bear in mind that without a vision, nothing gets created.
    • Talent does not simply grow, it needs to be nurtured.
    • Aim for a business that grows together with the children of the world.
Unsung Heroes Who Create

Company Information

  • Company Name
    Toyokuni Printing Co., Ltd.
  • Industry
    Digital platemaking, Printing, Digital content administration
  • Location
    • Head office
      3-29-18 Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 112-0015
      See map
    • Printing production division
      1141-1 Kamekubo, Fujimino-shi, Saitama-ken, 356-0051
      See map
  • President and representative director
    Koji Hirota
  • Managing director
    Hideki Okada
  • Directors
    Hiroshi Yoshimura
    Shinji Yamanaka
    Masakazu Sato
    Kazuhiro Nagabuchi
  • Auditor
    Mitsuyuki Shiraishi
  • Capital
    30 million JPY
  • Number of employees
  • Principal shareholders
    Kodansha Ltd., Kobunsha Co., Ltd.
  • Affiliated companies/organizations
    • Kodansha Ltd.
      Kobunsha Co., Ltd.
      King Records Co., Ltd.
      Kodansha Beijing Culture, Ltd.
      Kodansha USA, Inc.
      Kodansha USA Publishing, LLC
      Kodansha America, LLC
      Kodansha Europe, Ltd.
      Nikkan Gendai, Ltd.
      Kodansha Editorial, Inc.
      Kodansha Scientific, Ltd.
      Kodansha BC, Ltd.
      Kodansha Famous Schools, Inc.
      Kodansha Pal Co., Ltd.
      Tanka Kenkyu-sha Co., Ltd.
      Kodansha Comic Create Co., Ltd.
      Star Seas Company
      Dai-Ichi Tsushinsha Inc.
      Otowa Building
      Daiichi Paper, Inc.
      Kodansha Human Network Co., Ltd.
      Kodansha Business Partners Co., Ltd.
      Noma Cultural Foundation
      The Japan Forum
      Noma Institute of Educational Research
  • Main customers
    • Kodansha Ltd.
      Kodansha BC, Ltd.
      Kobunsha Co., Ltd.
      Gentosha Comics, Inc.
      Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.
      Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
      Kyodo Printing Co., Ltd.
      Tosho Printing Co., Ltd.
      Keishodo Printing Co., Ltd.
      Akatsuki Printing Inc.
      Morisawa Inc.
      Voyager Japan, Inc.
      Daiichi Paper, Inc.
      Kodansha Famous Schools, Inc.
      Tanka Kenkyu-sha Co., Ltd.
      Kodansha Scientific, Ltd.
      PAD Inc.
      Shogakukan Inc.
      Educational Network, Inc.
      Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd.
      Good Smile Company, Inc.
  • Main financial institutions
    Mitsui Sumitomo Banking Corporation
    MUFG Bank, Ltd.
    Asahi Shinkin Bank
    Mitsui Sumitomo Trust Bank

Company History

  • July 1946

    Toyokuni Printing Co., Ltd. incorporated on July 23rd
    Shoichi Noma appointed company president
    Printing starts inside Kodansha Main Building in Otowa, Bunkyo ward

  • May 1950

    Takuro Hasegawa appointed company president

  • May 1951

    Ryukichi Shibuya appointed company president

  • June 1958

    Junji Hamada appointed company president

  • March 1959

    Company office building moved to Otsuka 6-chome, Bunkyo ward

  • October 1959

    Toyokuni Phototype Co., Ltd. incorporated in 6-chome, Bunkyo ward
    Production of Weekly Shonen Magazine begins

  • May 1964

    Construction of Toyokuni Phototype Co., Ltd. company office building completed in Tabata 4-chome, Kita ward; offices moved

  • October 1970

    Toyokuni Offset Co., Ltd. incorporated in Oi-machi, Iruma district, Saitama
    prefecture (present-day Fujimino city, Saitama prefecture)

  • December 1970

    Construction of new offset printing site completed

  • July 1971

    Kodansha Bunko launched using phototypesetting and offset printing

  • October 1979

    Teiji Saito appointed company president

  • May 1985

    Mitsuo Otsubo appointed company president

  • October 1985

    Toyokuni Printing Co., Ltd., Toyokuni Phototype Co., Ltd., and Toyokuni Offset Co., Ltd. merge and become Toyokuni Printing Co., Ltd. with Otsuka, Tabata and Saitama divisions

  • May 1987

    Kiichi Hasegawa appointed company president

  • May 1990

    Akira Kusaka appointed company president

  • May 2000

    In order to unify prepress production, Tabata plant moved to Otsuka

  • June 2000

    Takashi Takeshita appointed company president

  • September 2001

    Digital platemaking for manga magazines commenced using the Shaken Hayate System

  • January 2002

    The “Antique” font developed in collaboration with Morisawa Inc., enabling digital platemaking of manga magazines using Mac computers for the first time in the world

  • July 2004

    Commencement of the use of InDesign for typesetting

  • October 2005

    Manga production system using InDesign launched
    Automatization continues

  • January 2008

    Company moved to Mejirodai, Bunkyo ward

  • June 2008

    Junichi Yoshii appointed company president
    Establishment of the basis for the production of electronic publications, data contents management, metadata preparation etc.

  • April 2010

    ndd (Next Door Design), a design business, established

  • June 2013

    Koji Hirota appointed company president

  • October 2014

    NMM (Next Motion Media), a video production business, established

  • August 2015

    At the Fujimino factory, KBF (Kodansha Book Factory) established and operation to cooperate with book making and color printing companies commenced, aiming to create a straight workflow

  • October 2017

    Next Door Localization, a translation business aimed at overseas markets, established

  • September 2018

    DTP production subsidiary Toyokuni Comic Production, Co., Ltd., established


Main office
3-29-18 Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0015

Access from station

3-minute walk from exit 6 of Gokokuji station on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line
Printing site
1141-1 Kamekubo, Fujimino-shi, Saitama-ken 356-0051

Access from station

From Fujimino Station west exit, take the Tobu Oi Circular Bus line to Satsuki Jutaku Iriguchi