Manga Translation

We provide Japanese to English manga translation. It is our mission to spread the joy of manga to the countries outside of Japan.

Since Japanese has more sound effects and mimetic words than English and that there are unique ways to use speech balloons in Japanese manga, it requires high and professional skills to translate Japanese manga.

We are proud to have our professional translation team who has been in this business for a long time, specialized in providing high quality translation and DTP(Desktop Publishing).


Our translators are all native English speakers specialized in manga translation. Also, they are deeply knowledgeable about the Japanese culture. Thanks to their professional translation skills and knowledge, we are able to present an authentic “voice” that is usually lost in translation.

DTP (Desktop Publishing)

For the production of manga translation, unique phototypesetting skills are required in order to appropriately rearrange the texts and images of the original work such as speech balloons, or the names of stores that appear in the Japanese manga.

Furthermore, choosing appropriate fonts, sound effects and mimetic words that are natural in English is important. Our first and foremost priority is to provide a reading experience in which the reader can enjoy the manga without any interruption from awkward translations.

In addition, we can help you distribute an electronic version of manga in English all over the world with our expertise in digitization of books.

If you are interested in localizing Japanese manga, please contact us. We are happy to get you a professional manga translation.