Printing / Bookbinding / Processing
Building on our letterpress tradition
Giving our all to printing publishing

Our printing team can be found in the “Kodansha Book Factory.” Aiming to be the ideal manufacturing site for publishing, our workshop was renewed and reopened in 2015. Our production unit is collectively in charge of efficient offset printing, digital printing and bookbinding of small to mid-sized batches of books and comic books. Our part in the production does not finish when the main text is printed. We also help with the assembly of the cover and other parts, optimizing the product to meet the market’s demands.

Strong quality preferences

Most of the contents of books and comics are printed in monochrome. To create pages that can be easily read continuously and to give these pages expressiveness and dynamicity, we strive to learn as much as possible about printing technology, materials, ink and paper. We make thin sheets of paper with a comfortable feel and an easy-to-read look. Our printing skills stem from a long tradition of innovation and craftsmanship. We use these to send a great number of books out into the world.

Our technical strengths

In 2012, we were the first company in Japan to print paperback comic books digitally. Since then, we have been fostering our know-how of the newest printing technologies, continuing our efforts to revolutionize material flow during small batch production. We have managed to start digitalized production at an early stage and have adjusted our existing offset plates to enable CTP (compute-to-plate) digital printing. Furthermore, we have introduced presensitized plates which do not require treatment and are, therefore, kind to the environment. We show flexibility when dealing with offset printing of small batches too.

Management system

We are able to work following instructions from the Management System (as in the Purchase Order) and use online press ready plates data provided by the Data Production Department. In the case of offset printing as well as digital printing, our schedule revolves around our printers. Thanks to our system, we are able to share detailed information about their use with the entire company. In our workplace, there is a large screen on display with information on the tasks of the given day.