Video Production

Next Motion Media is a video production group which specializes in publication-related tasks. It was founded in October 2014, entering its fourth year of existence in November 2017. At present, it is a team that responds to a vast variety of requests. We produce promotional videos for books and comics, videos for various magazines such as women’s fashion magazines. Furthermore, we make tie-up movies for publishers and manufacturers, PR videos and product description videos for manufacturers, online commercials and demo videos for events and exhibitions. The nature of our clients is also undergoing rapid changes and diversification. We, therefore, also handle advertisements to be shown as digital signage on subway and private railway trains and all around cities, stations and bookshops. As a response to the current digital native generation, we spread our material, of course, by YouTube, video apps and social networks as well.

Next Motion Media’s Strengths

A printing company’s environment

We do not only make videos, we also press DVDs, print, process and assemble packaging and make sure everything gets delivered all around Japan. In a direct link to our printing company’s know-how, we facilitate a consistent production process.

High production speed

Our young and excellent specialist filmmaking team has seven members (as of January 2018). Thanks to the use of the newest equipment and a compact production line, we combine high production speed with flexibility.

A combination of top quality and low price

With a keen eye on how smartphones and tablets have become a leading platform for video circulation in our day and age, we create top quality contents for a reasonable price.