Marketing Support

Digital Business Consulting/Distribution Support; Marketing Consulting

Comics, novels, gravure image collections and magazines are created by content holders, such as copyright holders and publishers. Nowadays, it is common to monetize and promote the use of these contents by electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, iPhone and handheld game consoles. It is a tendency which has been gaining strength.

Furthermore, starting in North America, electronic devices were introduced one after another, for example Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader and Nook. The sudden increase in the number of various types of contents and the subsequent invigoration of the market has been much talked about.

At Toyokuni Printing, we have rapidly caught this wave caused by the emergence of the electronic book market along with technology and digitalization-related business. We collaborate with businesses that operate these platforms. Thanks to that, we are able to create a modern cross-media business to handle content holders’ precious assets.

AR (Augmented Reality)
introducing the AR marker that allows exploration deeper than paper media

AR is a mechanism in which a paper medium is scanned with a special application. The image is then activated as an electronic book, website or video.

An AR marker is embedded in an image or illustration, which makes it easy to add value to the printed medium. This state-of-the-art technology with quick response allows, unlike a QR code, direct access to contents. Using an AR marker, we can also offer an access log. This enables the tracking of access to video, audio, text, clicked links and other contents, giving it a variety of uses for marketing purposes.

Moving manga! Introducing motion comics, the new manga experience

Motion comics are videos that our company develops using manga as material. Publishers and distributors have various views on how to make manga three-dimensional and dynamic and how to differentiate this motion manga from anime. We base our production on their suggestions, offering just the right products to serve our customers’ needs from the promotion of comic books to rich contents at the core of which is the distribution of videos.

Producing electronic books with added value while keeping the style of print media

We preserve the style of the original print media but add sound and video to it, creating electronic books with rich contents.

1 It is possible to multi-export contents for PC (Flash) or smartphone (iOS, Android) browsing.

Powered by Google Analytics, our service provides information on a number of things such as how many pages of a given book were viewed and the number of clicks on the contents of the book. This offers a better grasp of our readers’ demands. Also, data written into electronic books can be shared on Twitter or by email. We offer a variety of marketing solutions.