DTP & Digital Content Production
 We offer support not just with the DTP production of books and comics, but with all other aspects of the production process from the creation of source data to data administration and management. To enable multimedia production, we make sure that we use high-quality typesetting systems and structured typesetting data. In cases of data diversion, we use automatic conversion to save labor costs and provide trustworthy handling without any risk to the source data.

Comic production

Our comic content production is based on a wealth of typesetting and platemaking know-how. Because production can be very complicated in the industry, we optimize and standardize our production flow with development tools and a unique digital production system. This strategy has enabled us not only to significantly increase production speed, but also to make content creation very reliable. As part of a service that produces and manages data for electronic distribution, we also offer manga background design and color processing. This further increases the data’s added value,

Book production

In order to produce book contents, we have mastered the Smart Source Editor developed by Kodansha. With this tool, we are able to produce XML-based books and electronic books such as Epub in a seamless production flow. Thereby, we maintain precision and high compatibility through an efficient process that enables us to deliver printed books at the same time as electronic publications.

Color production

The main bodies of books and comics are mostly made in monochrome. However, we have also mastered the editing of images for color printing. This includes the production of pages and elements such as covers and frontispieces of books and comics. Our editing ranges from input, correction and addition of images to printing from external design data. Through our use of the latest digital proofing technology, we ensure high quality, safety and reliability. Proofing with the printer used for production as well as detailed prepress color proofing are crucial to adjusting to our customers’ needs.


In recent years, demand has risen considerably for various types of digitalized services. Applying appropriate methods, we scan previously released materials such as old books, comic books and long-kept films and bring them back to life as digital data. We are able to find the best way to digitalize a variety of contents with the use of contactless scanners, book scanners, large film scanners and high-resolution scanners. Systems utilized by us enable the simulation of features such as moiré in order to resurrect and pass on these valuable materials.

Management system

In our company, an MIS (Management Information System) is in place. It serves not only to separately evaluate risks and benefits, but also to follow every task’s progress. For example, it can track tasks on a tight schedule in real time such as the commencement and completion of large comic magazine batches. It can also deal with schedules until completion, even if they need to be administered over a long period, as book production does. In each workshop, a schedule display shows every task’s progress in real time.