Digital Content Management

Released and distributed contents are an important asset for publication companies. Handling all stages from production to secondary use, we make data while classifying and structuring it. Whether for temporary or long-term storage, our specialized Data Administration Department registers the data and moves it from ‘working phase’ to ‘archive phase’ storage. Any materials or finished product that are stored and/or administered by us can be promptly retrieved upon customer request.

Our company has also developed its own database and data administration system. These enable us to operate a sophisticated interface for the inspection of and search for bibliographic information, an essential part of publishing contents. It also allows us to find data related to production history, which is classified by use and includes data revisions and additions. It is the Data Administration Department’s accomplishment that it evolves each day in our age of diversification of publishing materials. This is possible thanks to our flexibility when it comes to modifications and additions to the items that we manage.